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Museum of Inconfidência - Photo: Valter Campanato-abr (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Museum of Inconfidência - Photo: Valter Campanato-abr (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Black Gold
The title of World Heritage Site was not accidentally awarded to Ouro Preto. The city is home to the greatest architectural ensemble of the Brazilian Baroque, preserving jewels such as the churches of São Francisco de Assis, considered the icon of style in the country and Aleijadinho's masterpiece; and Nossa Senhora do Pilar, ornamented with more than 400 kilos of gold. During the day, the program is to unveil altars and images, panning pieces in antique shops and soapstone handicraft fairs, kicking around the shops and cafes on Rua Direita. For that, don't forget the comfortable shoes, which are also welcome to enjoy the night in the bars or ...FIND OUT MORE
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The city grew, but the tradition of ringing the church bells - whether to announce the beginning of the mass or the hour of Ave Maria - is maintained in São João del Rei. Despite the expansion, the stories and memories of Brazil ... FIND OUT MORE
Tiradentes does not have the baroque sumptuousness of Ouro Preto and São João del Rei, but it is certainly the most charming of historic cities. In their colonial streets paved with cobblestones, the churches of the 18th century ... FIND OUT MORE
The city of Uberlândia has many tourist attractions, both architectural and cultural and natural. Some of the main points of the city are: Uberlândia Municipal Market: It is located in the city center ... FIND OUT MORE
Diamantina is a city that knew how to preserve its architecture, its culture and its nature and become one of the most well-known and visited historical cities in Brazil. It has colonial houses of Baroque inspiration, constructions ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the entrances to the Serra da Canastra National Park, São Roque de Minas has several natural attractions, especially the Casca d'Anta Waterfall, with 186 meters of fall. Other attractions are the waterfalls ... FIND OUT MORE
Maria da Fé is the coldest city in Minas Gerais and is also one of those that offers the most human warmth to the visitor. Its calendar of events has several typical attractions, such as the Viola Festival, the Peão Boiadeiro Festival, the Night of ... FIND OUT MORE
Its name is due to its geographical location: its urban area is the southernmost city of Minas Gerais (although the southernmost geographical point of the state is in the rural area of ​​the neighboring municipality of Camanducaia), that is, ... FIND OUT MORE
As one of the cultural attractions of Poços de Caldas, we have the Banda Municipal Maestro Azevedo, listed in 2005 as a cultural artistic heritage of the municipality, the band makes its Sunday presentations ... FIND OUT MORE
Families and elderly people celebrate in São Lourenço. For the elderly group, the walks and pedal boats in Parque das Águas rejuvenate any citizen. And what about the sources that, according to ... FIND OUT MORE
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