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Thematic Blocks

Thematic Blocks - Photo: Tânia Rego - Agência Brasil
Thematic Blocks - Photo: Tânia Rego - Agência Brasil

With the resurgence of street carnival in Rio, there was also an intense musical and cultural diversification in general, which can be seen in the appearance of 'thematic blocks', which appear as a hallmark of the party, like the blocks: Sergeant Pimenta, who parades to the sound of Beatles; Pra Iaiá, composed exclusively by fans and former musicians of the musical group Los Hermanos; Terreirada Cearense, which focuses on music from the Northeast; Rio Maracatu, which sings Pernambuco rhythms; Super Mario Bloco, a nerdy block founded in 2012; New Kids on the Bloco, new name of the traditional Banda da Rodolfo Dantas, makes great successes of pop music in more instrumental versions. And the Electric Thriller, which brings together fans of singer Michael Jackson. The Association of Professionals and Friends of Funk creates a block dedicated to funk from Rio de Janeiro.

In 2015, the blocks appeared: Brasília Amarela, which pays homage to the Mamonas Assassinas; Match Comigo, inspired by the Tinder dating smart phone app; and Pega no Meu Pau de Selfie e Balança, whose inspiration came from the fever of the so-called 'selfie sticks'. The following year, the name was changed to Pega na Minha Torch e Balança in reference to the games of the XXXI Olympics.

Marches - Rio Intangible Heritage

In 2015, time of the city's 450th anniversary, the Rio Patrimony of Humanity Institute (IRPH) started to recognize carnival marchinhas as immaterial heritage in Rio de Janeiro, considering them a typically Rio de Janeiro manifestation and a musical genre that became popular throughout the country, contributing to the legacy of several artists and helping to build Rio and national carnival identity.

Foreign blocks at the party

The diversity of the street carnival in Rio de Janeiro goes beyond the variety of rhythms and themes, also encompassing parades of blocks formed by foreigners, as was the case of the British block Carnaval Transatlântico, which debuted in 2014, and the French block Ulalá Balancê, which emerged in the year 2013.


Thematic Blocks - Photo: Tânia Rego - Agência Brasil
Thematic Blocks - Photo: Tânia Rego - Agência Brasil
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