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Aparecida is the largest religious pilgrimage center in Latin America - Photo: Miguel Schincariol
Aparecida is the largest religious pilgrimage center in Latin America - Photo: Miguel Schincariol
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Aparecida is one of the São Paulo municipalities considered to be 'tourist resorts' by the state of São Paulo, as they fulfill certain prerequisites defined by the State Law, guaranteeing a larger amount on the part of the state for the promotion of regional tourism. Also, the municipality acquires the right to add to its name the title of 'Tourist Resort', a term by which it came to be designated both by the official municipal file and by state references. This status is due to the cultural and historical importance inherited from the encounter of the image of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida, consolidated by the construction of the Basilica of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, built in neoclassical style. The National Sanctuary range covers the Passarela da Fé, which is 389 meters long and 35 meters high, connecting the Old Basilica to the new temple and was inaugurated in 1972; the aquarium, with both fresh and salt water species; the Romeiro Support Center, which consists of a food court and about 380 stores and is located in the basilica's parking lot; and the city cable car, which connects the Basilica, at the so-called Sanctuary Station, to the top ...FIND OUT MORE
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