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Pantheon of Heroes (where the bodies of legalists lie) - Photo: Georges de Moraes (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Pantheon of Heroes (where the bodies of legalists lie) - Photo: Georges de Moraes (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)

In Brazil there are very few citizens who present in their history, the memories of a war or an armed conflict. The city of Lapa still keeps, on walls of some century-old residences, the marks of the shots of the episode known as Siege of Lapa, where the local army stopped the advance of the Federalist Revolution, with the purpose of instituting its own form of government in the South due to rejection of the Republic.

Today called the "City of Heroes", Lapa makes its historical importance a tourist attraction. Several small museums are dedicated to reconstructing the moments that marked the 26 days of resistance of a group composed of military and civilian volunteers four times smaller than the federalist troops that threatened them.

It also stands out with a good attraction in the city, Reserva Mata do Uru. It is a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, maintained through a partnership between the Society for Research on Wildlife and Environmental Education (SPVS). The Mata do Uru Reserve has an area of ​​128,67 hectares and houses remnants of the Forest with Araucarias and Natural Fields.
The reserve houses 34 springs and 40 rivers within its perimeter. The water regime, the rocks and the high slope of the soil in some places gave rise to three beautiful waterfalls. The largest is approximately 10 meters high.

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