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Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (one of the tourist attractions of Canela - Photo: Tiago Fioreze (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (one of the tourist attractions of Canela - Photo: Tiago Fioreze (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Only seven kilometers away from Gramado, the charming Canela does not have the hype of the illustrious neighbor Gramado, however it welcomes an untouched nature and immense beauties. There are dozens of araucaria parks in the region that offer activities for all styles of tourists: from contemplatives to adventurers. Some attractions bring the two tribes together, such as the Caracol waterfall. With approximately 130 meters of fall, it is contemplated both on a peaceful aerial cable car ride and on a walk that culminates with a staircase of more than 900 steps. Around its natural reserves, it is worth stopping at Castelinho Caracol. A beautiful half-timbered building houses a small historical museum, but the main attraction is the apfelstrudel (apple pie), served with cream or ice cream, accompanied by apple tea or hot chocolate ....FIND OUT MORE
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