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Praia do Rosa - Photo: Claudio Lima - Setur-Imbituba
Praia do Rosa - Photo: Claudio Lima - Setur-Imbituba
Imbituba has several charming inns and sophisticated restaurants, which attract a select group of tourists, mainly surfers, after all, Praia da Vila, usually hosts stages of the World Surfing Circuit (WCT). Imbituba also houses the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area and developed whale watching tourism. One of the main attractions of the city is Praia do Rosa, which has a charming landscape, with beautiful lagoons by the sea, surrounded by native forest. The structure also stands out, with charming inns and sophisticated restaurants. It is 22 km from Imbituba Center, by Ibiraquera Lagoon and 18 km from Garopaba ....FIND OUT MORE
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A walk through the narrow streets with cobblestones, old houses, a Portuguese farm, squares and squares. This is what makes up the historic center of Laguna. Third oldest city in Santa Catarina, Laguna ... FIND OUT MORE
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